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SeeYouSEO provides organic search engine optimization  and online advertising consulting to businesses of all sizes. Although Internet search engines have become a primary source for most businesses to reach prospective customers, many companies do little more than launching a website. Our raison d’être is to elevate businesses to the potential customer opportunities online. SeeYouSEO provides highly professional consulting services to help business reach more customers. Our staff have been doing organic search engine optimization for the last 13 years. We have seen the evolution of search engine algorithms and how they have recently made it very difficult for businesses to reach the first page. Only just having a website is no longer enough. “Our pointer wears a white hat,” because we are ethical, professional and persistent in our SEO and Internet marketing services.


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Our Key Professionals

Kevin Callen

Kevin Callen – As a veteran consultant in applying operations research algorithms to solving problems in business and industry, Kevin provides the “science” to interpreting and “encouraging” search engine algorithms.  He was the founder and CTO of a leading worldwide provider of route optimization software.  Through this experience, Kevin saw the opportunity to take his extensive experience in doing organic search engine optimization and Google PPC to SeeYouSEO to offer these services to small local businesses and large enterprises. He also enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, check out his blog, Old Man Jiu Jitsu.

Organic SEO Company Matt Callen

Matt Callen – A respected professional in the Internet marketing and SEO industries, Matt has developed the SeeYouSEO product line to meet the needs of our Internet marketing practice areas: organic search engine optimization, local SEO and Google Adwords.  Matt designs the campaigns, manages the logistics and quality control required to ensure high caliber results from our SEO implementation team.

Eric Sheaffer – Eric has over 20 years of experience in sales and serves as an Account Manager by day. By night, Eric is a well known fine artist (check out his website, Native American Art and Pop Culture Art).


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