Mobile Apps, Website, & Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Is Booming

You Will Be Missing Customers, If You Don’t Have a Mobile Web Presence

Consumers using mobile devices will soon surpass the use of personal computers to find businesses, especially local businesses.2,4  Four in five consumers use their smartphones to shop and find businesses/products.1,3  To be seen by customers and compete in today’s market, you must have a mobile website, mobile app, and a mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile Apps, Mobile Web Development and Mobile Marketing

How Will a Mobile App / Website Bring Me More Customers?

Its All About Convenience – Make It Easy For Your Customers To Find Out About Your Products and Special Offers with mobile apps

Mobile apps / websites make it convenient for your customers to find out about your new products, whether it be a daily menu change at a restaurant or new coupons for the holidays. SeeYouSEO will plan and implement your mobile marketing strategy. For example, SeeYouSEO uses a QR Code on our business cards to easily deliver special offers to a mobile phone. According to Microsoft, 29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons.4  In addition to providing a convenient way for your customers see you “on the go,” your strategy may include online reputation management to increase positive reviews and feedback on popular review websites (like Yelp and Google+), increasing your social media presence (like Facebook and LinkedIn), and other approaches that result in improved search engine ranking.

How Do I Get a Mobile Website or App Without Making a New Website?

We Make It Simple

Our philosophy is to keep it simple. We build you a mobile website that can be downloaded as a mobile app for iPhones, iPads, Android phones or tablets. It can also be viewed as a website on your computer (with modern Internet browsers) or as a website on smartphones/tablets (which all use modern browsers). It doesn’t need to replace your investment in your current website, but complement it. We are using the most practical solution that will not be outdated next year. Most importantly, it is the most cost-effective way to build mobile apps, mobile websites and traditional websites. Make one and done.

Mobile App Developers

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