Property Management SEO

Property Management SEO Can Get That Unit Rented Months Sooner

Successful property management SEO is a low cost means of getting potential renters via the internet.   We have developed sophisticated SEO services that are custom tailored specifically to the needs of property managers.  Whether you need to rent an apartment, house, or commercial space, your property management needs are all linked to getting the attention of would-be renters.  Without question, online marketing is the contemporary means of advertising your property.

Property management SEO is essentially online advertising.  Except instead of paying of a banner ad or Pay Per Click ad on Google, you are paying for labor to make your website more visible to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

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What Is Online Visibility for Property Management?

Online visibility is a result of search engine optimization or SEO for a property manager to accomplish three distinct tasks, which are interdependent:

  1. Onsite SEO – Make your website “indexable” by search engines for targeted keywords that would-be renters are searching for both in the code and content of your website.
  2. Offsite SEO – Develop your backlinks from other websites to your property via directories and content marketing, such as videos, blog posts, articles, press releases, presentations, etc.
  3. Local SEO – Establish your “local SEO for property management” by optimizing pages on Google+, Bing Places and Yahoo Local by adding optimized content, map listings, propagating your name, address and phone number, and encouraging reviews.  This is also now considered a social media activity, given that Google Places has now been merged into Google+.

What Does Online Visibility or SEO Mean to a Property Manager?

It’s simple, property management SEO can get you in contact with renters faster.  With the success of both property websites and online directories for listing apartments for rent, houses for rent, or commercial rentals, it is obvious that SEO is a key tool for property management.  The primary benefit of SEO is that it is not paying a constant advertising fee to be listed on the property listing websites.  Property management SEO is much less expensive.  Once you establish your rankings in the top four search engine results, you can go into a maintenance mode.  You cannot stop building your SEO entirely, but you can scale back.  Because internet marketing is ever evolving and your competition will also be developing their internet marketing and SEO campaigns for thier properties, it is not a one-time commitment.

Our Property Management SEO Services include:

Property-specific SEO Consultation

Monthly Reports for Each Location

Making Each Property’s Website Optimized for Search Engine Indexing for Location-specific Keywords

Building Links to Promote Your Property on the Web

Optimizing Property Listings for Local SEO

Pay Per Click and Targeted or Re-targeted Display Advertizing

Property Management Social Media Optimization

Property-specific SEO Consultation

At SeeYouSEO, we analyze each property individually to devise an SEO campaign targeteing your desired niche of renters.

One-on-One Client Consulting
  • Our property-specific intake process provides an assessment of the unique clientele that each property is targeting.  Our consultations help you define your objectives and how we can help you to promote your property and attract the appropriate renters.
Advanced Keyword Research
  • We analyze, prioritize, and target the most frequently used search terms in each property’s geographic area to reach the absolute most prospective renters, whether for apartments, houses, or commercial units.  Each property may have 50-200 keywords that will be monitored.
Baseline Search Engine Results Page Rankings
  • Each property’s current search engine rankings in Google, Bing and Google+/Google+ Places are reported to serve as a baseline for our future success increasing ranking and website traffic.
Examination of Backlinks to Each Property’s Website
  • Other websites that link to your property’s website can vastly improve or actually severely hurt your SEO and website traffic.  We monitor your backlink profile to ensure your optimum results.
Geographic Competition Analysis
  • With the multitude of rental options, we utilize your competition’s success and weaknesses in each property’s SEO campaign.
Social Media Presence
  • We assess your activity and prominence on social media websites and target these sites to improve your property management SEO.
Online Reputation Assessment
  • Reviews are now a crucial component of local SEO.   We determine if your online reputation has been affected by any negative reviews and assess where positive reviews can help.


Monthly Reports for Each Location

Transparency is critical.  We report everything…what is working and what is not.

Search Engine Ranking Reports
  • You will receive monthly reports that specify your current search engine rankings on Google, Bing and Google+.
Monthly Services Detail
  • At SeeYouSEO we believe in keeping our clients involved in the process. That is why every month we provide you with a list of the SEO services that were performed.
Access to Our Online Search Engine Ranking Monitoring Portal
  • To be transparent, a client must have access to the same information that we use to analyze your property management SEO campaign.  We at SeeYouSEO deliver by providing clients access to our online website monitoring portal.


Making Each Property’s Website Optimized for Search Engine Indexing for Location-specific Keywords

The first step of our SEO services is to optimize your site for maximum performance so that Google and the other search engines can see you!

        • Title, Meta, H1 Tags Analysis
        • Optimization of Image Tags
        • Site Map Creation and Submission
        • KML File Submission
        • Content Optimization
        • Keyword Density Analysis
        • Identify and Help Resolve On-site Errors and Issues
        • Google Webmaster Tools Setup and Integration
        • Internal Link Structure Analysis


Building Links to Promote Your Property on the Web

A key methodology to improving the popularity of each property’s website to search engines is having other websites reference your website through backlinks.  There are numerous ways to accomplish this.  Below are some of the methods:

Online Business Directories
        • We submit your website to online business directories, which typically includes your name, address, phone number, business description and a link to your website.
Blog Posts
        • We submit posts on blogs with links to your site on niche relevant and popular online blogs.
Article Submissions
        • High quality articles, containing optimized links to your site, are created and submitted to the top article directories.
Press Release and Media Distribution
        • High Quality unique content regarding news related to your niche is written and submitted to the major press release sites such as Sbwire, Emailwire, and Prnewswire and link to your site. This gets your site in Google and Bing news, giving your site natural authority in your niche.
Unique Video Creation and Distribution
        • A unique video, containing images from your website, is created and distributed to influential video sharing sites, such as Youtube, DailyMotion, Photobucket, and others and include links to your website.
Nich Relevant Blog Comments
        • Comments with links to you are posted on highly relevant blogs in your niche.
High Authority Wiki Backlinks
        • Contextual links from high PR authority domains are created.
.EDU/.GOV/.ORG Backlinks
        • Trusted links are created to your site from well established .edu, .gov, and .org websites.
Web 2.0 Page and Profile Links
        • Optimized web 2.0 properties are created and linked to you from sites like Squidoo, Blogspot, Weebly, Multiply, and many others.
High PR Blog Comments
        • Relevant comments are posted on popular high PR blogs, creating links to your website.
Document Sharing Submission
        • .Doc and .pdf files with links to you are submitted to multiple document sharing sites like Scribd, Slideshare, and Thinkfree.
Classified Ads Submission
        • We can create ads for your business in classified ad websites like Craigslist to promote your business and gain traffic and backlinks.
Image Link Submission
        • Powerful targeted links are created on well known image sites including iStockPhoto, Instagram, and Flickr.
Question and Answer Links
        • Questions related to your niche are answered on popular Q&A sites linking to your website.
Popular Directory Submission
        • We list and link your site in the most valuable compilation of online directories.


Optimizing Property Listings for Local SEO

We setup and optimize your local search listings and get you ranked in the local search results and Google Maps, using our advanced methods!

Local Business Listings:
        • Creation, submission, and optimization on top sites such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yellow Pages, and many other popular local directories. This helps target clients in your local area and lets them find you more directly and in more ways.
Custom Map Submission for Google Places:
        • Custom maps are created and submitted, which count as citations and helps boost your Google Places list ranking.


Pay Per Click and Targeted or Re-targeted Display Advertizing

When immediate results are needed, such as prior to the SEO services taking effect or complimenting SEO, Pay Per Click advertising campaigns with Google, Bing, Yahoo and social media sites are implemented.

Full Service Pay Per Click Management on Google Adwords, Bing Ads on Yahoo! Bing Network:
        • Strategy Definition – We identify your market niche, target customer demographics, geographic area and budget.
        • Keyword Research – We analyze your industry’s keywords, search trends, competitors’ websites and competitors’ PPC spending. A target list and maximum cost for each keyword are identified for use in your campaign.
        • Ad Development and Management – Ads need to be eye-catching, but being limited to 25 character headlines and 35 character descriptions, this can be a challenging task. Ads need to be monitored to see which ads have a higher click through rate. We generate numerous ads, monitor their success rate, and modify the ad campaign on an on-going basis.


Property Management Social Media Optimization

We promote many forms of social sharing, likes, votes, and mentions to increase your websites authority and trust with the search engines and boost your website to the top of the search rankings! This is unlike any other SEO services

      • Google + 1'sGoogle + 1’s
      • Google + for Business Page creation and optimizationGoogle + for Business Page creation and optimization
      • Add to Google CirclesAdd to Google Circles
      • Add to Google HangoutsAdd to Google Hangouts
      • Facebook LikesFacebook Likes
      • Facebook SharesFacebook Shares
      • FB Group PostsFB Group Posts
      • Twitter TweetsTwitter Tweets
      • Twitter # Tag TweetsTwitter # Tag Tweets
      • Twitter Re-TweetsTwitter Re-Tweets
      • Pinterest PinsPinterest Pins
      • Stumbleupon StumblesStumbleupon Stumbles
      • Stumbleupon SubmissionsStumbleupon Submissions
      • Reddit SubmissionsReddit Submissions
      • Reddit VotesReddit Votes
      • LinkedIn SharesLinkedIn Shares
      • LinkedIn PromotionsLinkedIn Promotions
      • LinkedIn DiscussionsLinkedIn Discussions
      • Slideshare SubmisssionsSlideshare Submisssions
      • Slideshare ViewsSlideshare Views
      • Instagram LikesInstagram Likes
      • Instagram FollowersInstagram Followers


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